Humansmart Leadership

Our Humansmart approach starts at the top with leaders who genuinely care about their employee’s wellbeing, who promote authentic open dialogue, values led culture, and operational transparency wherever possible.

We provide ‘Thinking Partners’ for senior leaders, executive coaches to support the development of emerging leaders, and Humansmart Leadership Training Programmes to provide developmental opportunities for leaders at any level.

Our clients include; business leaders at all levels from junior ‘bright sparks’ taking on their first teams to c-suite and board level senior leaders.

Case Scenario

This senior leader of a global telecommunications company faced several big challenges. Taking over a globally dispersed team with an outdated, complex org design, he found low morale and motivation, closed silos and a lack of communication and trust between project teams.

An experienced and sophisticated leader, he needed a thinking partner rather than a traditional coach to bring new perspectives and bounce ideas around in a confidential environment.

With our support, he began a programme of open transparent dialogue with the team to build trust and engagement. He streamlined operations, and created regular opportunities to facilitate communication between previously closed silos.

Result: Increased productivity, performance and engagement. The team reported better working relationships, shorter lead times on projects and better general well being.


“Cliff-diving, christianity, coaching” – the ‘C’s in my list of things to avoid. I was partnered with Claudie as a leadership coach. I was cynical – but Claudie engaged me immediately. She infiltrates your thinking. Her influence is subtle but overwhelming. Together we have scaled the depths of my neurosis and heights of my hopes. The conventional patterns of my thinking and behaviour have been re-routed to connect more integrally with the values I hold closest and the ambitions dearest. I feel incredibly fortunate to have been partnered with such a gifted coach. If you get the chance – take it!

Jane Pollard, Head of Strategy, Beggars Group


Humansmart Organisations

Openness is about a different way of working. Building ‘Humansmart’ cultures that function like genuine communities, where accountability, engagement and performance come from real relationships and constant, authentic communication.

Through a combination of coaching, workshops, communications and process design we can help organisations to change the way they lead, communicate, engage, and commit, to work, to the business and to each other.

People in open organisations become more mindful, more able to spot new business, creative and technological opportunities in unexpected places.

Together we can create the building blocks for a Humansmart culture that enables your people to flourish.

Case Scenario

A mid size creative agency wanted to break away from a major founding client. This necessitated massive cultural change, greater communication between members of the leadership team and an entirely new approach to new business strategy.

We worked with them to define a new vision and set of values, to improve communication, openness and trust at leadership level, and then cascaded the Humansmart model through the ranks, establishing regular talking sessions with between project teams, more open collaboration and innovation around business strategy.

Result: included a massive increase in pitches won, improved retention of clients and staff and greater levels of engagement across the organisation.


Every time I meet Claudie it is positive experience, that I leave the richer in some way. Working with Claudie is a joy. She gets it. It is rare to find someone who is as skilled, personable and fun to work with. Who can navigate the complex web of companies internal team dysfunctions, emotions and politics and then to get them working cohesively. Openness Consulting are an unbeatable team to work as positive agents of change for your company.

Andrew McKinlay, Director, Global Marketing Operations, Nokia


Humansmart Teams

Peak performing teams function like real communities, with trust, communication and accountability, and a real sense of openness in all of their interactions. We work with teams to create a set of shared values, and common goals, but most importantly we help them to develop their relationships with each other, with customers or clients, with other teams and stakeholders across the business. The results are often suprising.

Case Scenario

A lettings team from a global property company were struggling to hit targets.

The head of lettings reported a need for more accountability and collaboration, with everyone being motivated by the financial performance of the team as a whole rather than just their individual targets.

We worked with them to build high levels of trust and understanding, encouraging each person to bring their whole self to work and let themselves be seen and acknowledged.

Result: We co-created a shared set of values and a goal, ‘to break a million in 2013’. The team hit their target within 3 months, even as other local teams continued to operate at a loss. The impact continues with better relationships, cooperation and productivity.


Openness Consulting ran a team building exercise for us at the beginning of 2013 which was absolutely superb. I was delighted with how everyone in the team immediately bought into Claudie and her workshop. The feedback afterwards from each of them was uniformly positive and there have been lasting results in terms of team morale.

Simon Belassie, Head of Lettings, Sevenoaks, at Savills


Humansmart Training

We believe that the most powerful and effective way for a development programme to actually lead to lasting development, is when traditional training methods are combined with coaching to help individuals understand how to apply what they are learning to their own life.

Our Humansmart Training approach integrates learning with real world business challenges, and supported over time to create sustainable change.

We provide training in five main areas:

Coaching Skills, Leadership and Management, Sales and Account Management, Negotiation Skills, Presentation Skills


“A totally different, inspiring approach to any training I’ve had previously”

Frank Ralph, Senior Art Director, Momentum Worldwide

“It was really one of the best training days I’ve had for a long time.”

Mark Greco, Engagement Manager, Creative and Cultural Skills