Openness is…

All about people. We don’t talk about ‘human resources’ or ‘head count’, but we love human beings. We think that in business there is absolutely a place to talk about love, vulnerability, connection and support. We called ourselves ‘Openness’ because it’s a central value for us and drives everything we do and how we do it.

We believe that the best organisations are those where relationships are built upon trust, support and positive encouragement. Zero blame is good, but a culture which inspires positive leadership, enthusiasm and best practice is even better. Those organisations (our favourite type of client) are what we like to call “Humansmart”, and making everything Humansmart describes exactly what we do.

At Openness, we think that peak performance happens when passion, talent and skills are combined with genuine authenticity, open communication and trust. Our coaching, leadership development and teambuilding sessions help to build on our clients existing talent capital, bringing new perspectives, increased awareness and attention to the ways in which you communicate, collaborate and spot opportunities for growth. We bring genuine value to the business, helping each leader to inspire and each team to collaborate brilliantly all of the time.


An unbeatable team to work as positive agents of change for your company.

Andrew McKinlay, CEO
Claire Randall Consulting

A totally different, inspiring approach to any training I’ve had previously.

Frank Ralph, Senior Art Director
Momentum Worldwide

I have no hesitation in recommending Claudie. She is brilliant!

David Jessup, Senior Service Manager
British Red Cross